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     We can assist you with any service need you may have including: a/c, brakes, engine malfunctions, suspension problems, regular maintenance, vehicle inspections, as well as any other service concerns you may have.

     We follow the manufacturer recommendations for all maintenance and service intervals; helping you to properly maintain your vehicle while saving money. (Unless a shorter interval is requested by the customer) For example, following the manufacturer's recommended service intervals can mean up to 10,000 or 15,000 mile oil change intervals depending on your driving habits, saving you money in the long run versus multiple oil changes at much shorter intervals.


     Bimmer Motor Works is equipped with up-to-date, dealer-level computer diagnostic & programming capabilities allowing us to service even the newest vehicles. We also have other state of the art equipment including an air leak detector, fluid leak detector, engine compression tester, and a coolant system pressure tester.

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