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When I discovered that my 2005 BMW X5 was overheating, I had it towed to a popular BMW mechanic located near my home. Within two hours after receiving my car into their shop, they called to inform me my engine block cracked from the heat and I would require a new engine at an estimated cost of between $8,000 and $12,000.

After picking myself up off of the floor and drying the tears from my eyes, I called a good friend that referred me to Bimmer Motor Works. Joey suggested that I have the car towed to his shop even though it had been diagnosed by a reputable mechanic. Joey thought there may be a chance they missed something, and he was absolutely correct.

I had the car towed to Bimmer Motor Works and that was the best decision I've made in a long time. Two days later, Joey called to inform me I only needed a new thermostat, and he also noticed a cracked air duct that was unrelated to the overheating issue. The total bill was less than $500.

Financially, this past year has been very difficult for me and I will be forever grateful to Joey for saving me money that I didn't have. He genuinely cared enough to invest his time and effort for my benefit.

Many Thanks,
God Bless,
Carol Pinkerton

     On a recent family trip to Alabama my BMW experienced a problem with one of the rear windows where it wouldn't go up or down, and it was stuck in the down position inside the door. I was faced with an 8 hour drive home with an open window. Very loud and uncomfortable.

I was able to get in touch with Joey at Bimmer Motor Works, after hours, and he was more than willing to meet me at his shop to help me get the window closed for the trip. He could have repaired it, but I wasn't able to stay in town long enough to get the parts.

Joey was extremely helpful and friendly, and I really appreciated the fact that he didn't even charge me for the service because he understood the position I was in.

In addition, I asked for a quote on some brake work I need done and his price was so good that I may wait until my next visit to Alabama to have him do it.

My experience was very positive from a personal and business standpoint. I would recommend Bimmer Motor Works to anyone that needs a good mechanic to keep their BMW running smooth. If I lived in Birmingham, he would be my mechanic.


     The folks at Bimmer Motor Works are the best in the Birmingham area for BMW service. They are courteous and willing to work with your schedule. Let's face it, none of us plan to have car trouble, and when it occurs, we need service as soon as possible. I called three companies and the local BMW dealership to schedule an oil change. I felt like I was a bother to the other companies, but the Bimmer crew just asked "When can you come in?", It was really a breath of fresh air. I've had two more opportunities to have service and repair work since that first encounter, and the customer service has been consistently excellent.

Roy S.

True professional!
My wife was in Birmingham, from Iowa, for training with a new job. As she pulled into town, the back passenger window broke free while lowering it and fell down inside the door. The next morning I had it towed to a Dealer in town, and they gave me an estimate for the window for $500.00. I also asked the dealer about a rattle that I was hearing under the car, they estimated that for another $500.00. I contacted Joey at Bimmer Motor Works and told him my situation. He drove up to the dealer, got the car, fixed the window, fixed the rattle with replacing one missing bolt (dealer said a bracket was broken and needed to be replaced), re-tapped the threads in the oil pan (previous oil change had over tightened the oil drain) for half of what the dealer wanted and then delivered the car back to my wife at her hotel. Customer service like this doesn’t exist anymore! I don’t see how you can go wrong with Joey taking care of you.

Jay F.

     Joey is terrific! We had a couple of things go wrong with our BMW and he took excellent care of us. His estimate was a good $350 less than the other BMW non-dealership repair place. The work was done perfectly, right on time, right on budget. He also found a couple of other routine maintenance issues--no pressure to run up the bill, though--just thoughtful, cost effective ways of taking care of our car. Will only use Bimmer Motor Works. Period.
     Joey and his staff were fantastic. I received great service at a fair price, all done in quick time. I highly recommend Bimmer Motor Works and will make the drive outside of town to be treated right and save some $. 5 stars, excellent shop.

Scott M.

     My wife and I were visiting Birmingham from Durham NC for a wedding and the check engine light came on late Thursday afternoon. We called Bimmer Motor Works and they said to come right down to see what needed to be done. They did not have all the parts but ordered them to be delivered first thing Friday morning. We returned Friday AM and got the car back by mid morning in plenty of time for the wedding. The quality of work was superb, staff was professional, prompt and polite. I highly recommend Bimmer Motor Works for anyone needing BMW repair. A fantastic shop!

Bret S.

     Bimmer Motor Works is the most honest and reliable repair shop that I have ever used. We own three BMWs, one being a 328i and two M3s. Since day one, Joey has displayed absolute integrity and has never recommended unnecessary repairs. Being that I own two "M" cars and am not a do it your self person, I find it necessary to have a trustworthy repair shop. Bimmer Motor Works has always done quality work at a reasonable price. I have never felt uncomfortable using these guys!! I highly recommend this BMW repair shop!

Thank you Joey and Jonathan!

     ​I normally do not write reviews but the experience we had with Bimmer Motor Works was by far the most positive, courteous, knowledgeable and professional experience we have ever had with a repair facility. We had our 2002 325i at an authorized dealer repair facility and were appalled at the price they charged ($170) us to just start diagnosing the problem with our car. Then we were told that we were to be charged $550 just to change the spark plugs in the car so they could further diagnose the car further. After the sticker shock wore off we decided to seek repair services else where.

We searched the web that evening and found the positive reviews on for Bimmer Motor Works. Discussed it that evening and decided this is the shop we would end up using to repair our car. My fiancé contacted Jonathan and told him what we had had diagnosed in the past as well as what the shop where the car was at was telling us. He seemed to agree with the other shops/independents diagnosis, told us that he would be happy to take the car in for repair that we could have the car towed over the next morning and they would start on it as soon as they could. That was a relief for us since we were located 50 miles from where the car was being repaired.

Amazingly we were off the next day so we both went to the dealer repair facility and met the rollback truck and paid the $170 diagnosis fee. This was about 10:30am on Friday that we headed for Bimmer Motor Works to drop off the car. We had errands to run around Birmingham and did not expect to hear from Joey or Jonathon until Monday at the earliest. We were so surprised when we received a phone call around 1:15pm telling us they had the car running and would be done with our car in about 30 minutes! 20 minutes went by and we get another call telling us that there was an issue and we had a leaking temp sensor that needed to be replaced. Expecting to hear that we would not be getting the car back today we asked how long that would take and cost. Jonathan's response was about an hour and $75 parts and labor. We still had things to do so we told him to please repair the new issue they had found. After completing our errands we made it to the shop around 5pm. We walked in and were shocked to hear that our bill was less than $350 including tax for diagnostics, parts and labor. They informed us that our key was dead at this point; we were figuring it was going out anyway so we had them order us a new one. With that our repair bill came to a total of $540. That’s cheaper than the dealerships spark plug replacement price so they could further diagnose the problem with our car.

If you own a BMW, are in need of repair and are located anywhere near Birmingham, AL do not hesitate to contact the guys at Bimmer Motor Works to repair your car. You will not be disappointed in any shape or form.

John E.

The most reliable workers.

I am from Maryland and have only been in Alabama for a year. When my BMW completely stalled on me, I had no idea where to take my car. I knew that the dealerships charged a fortune and I didn't know where else I could go that wouldn't scam me.

These guys were amazing! So quick, helpful, kind, and informative. I am so grateful I found them.


     Joey is the BEST, when it comes to working on your BMW he is the most honest person that I have ever met. I absolutley love him and the work that he does. All I can say is if you have a BMW Joey is the Man!!!!!!


     We have all dealt with car repairmen. They are all different in some ways. There are those that see us as customers with a bottomless bank account. There are those that do unnecessary work. There are those that spring hidden costs on us. But, there are some that restore our faith in that profession. I recently had some work done on my 1998 BMW Z3. I was not aware of all the BMW mechanics in the area. I have carried it to some of the most "reputable" BMW repair shops in the area. With this problem, I naturally was going to the one's that I had dealt with in the past. I called several times over a period of a few weeks to each one to discuss my problem. Every time, I didn't get a callback. Disgusted, I went on line and found "Bimmer Motor Works" in Trussville. I didn't know about them, so I read the remarks of previous customers. I was totally impressed by them I decided, "If they are THAT good, maybe I should try them". So, I gave them a call. Jonathan answered the call and told me to bring my car in. I did. But, I thought all the time that this was just "sales talk". Man, how wrong I was!!! This is the most professional business I have ever dealt with. Joey Adkins, the owner, is absolutely amazing!!! He told me everything I could expect, what had to be done, and let me decide. I decided. And, they did the work. I have never been treated so professionally by any person I have ever dealt with. Extremely fast attention and work!! If you have a BMW and it needs attention, I implore you to give them a try. I'll guarantee you that you'll never let another BMW or any other mechanic work on your car. Remember, this is the most professional, no pressure company you will ever deal with. Thank you, Joey & Jonathan, for your treatment of your customers.


     I was so glad that I found Bimmer Motor Works. I was driving to Little Rock, AR from Atlanta when engine overheating warning sign came on. I had to park the car at Birmingham airport and rented a car to continue my trip. During the next a couple of days, I was searching for a BMW repair shop in Birmingham and came across the reviews for Bimmer Motor Works. I liked the reviews. I had the car towed to the shop while I was in Little Rock. Within a couple of hours I got a diagnosis: water pump and thermostat need to be replaced. The cost was less than $1000, much less than what I had feared for. The car was fixed the next day. Joey even arranged for me to pick up the car after hours on my way back to Atlanta. I'm so grateful. Thank you, Bimmer Motor Works!


     I purchased my BMW 528i new back in 2000 and have 112,000 miles clocked to date. I was having issues with the ABS system lights on the instrument panel (the issue known as the trifecta). I was very concerned about all the things I've read and heard about the ABS System on BMW's.

I visited a local BMW Service department and spent 4 hours waiting for them to inform me I had a steering sensor fault code and needed a steering sensor replacement and it would need to be ordered. The next week the part came in and $600 later BMW informed me I now had a ABS pump fault and the pump price was $4200 plus labor.

I Googled BMW repair shops, so I could obtain a second opinion before making the decision to distant myself from the car. I saw the great customer service and honesty being logged by customers on the Bimmer Works Inc. web site.

I e-mailed Joey and he responded right back the next morning. He recommended for me to get a new ABS module and let him code/flash and we'd go from there and figure out what's going on.

I set up a date and time and drove 80 miles for Bimmer Works Inc. second opinion. Joey's son Jonathon met me promptly at 8:00am in the morning and took my car right in and I was back on my way home by 8:20am.

The ABS module was replaced and coded in less than fifteen minutes and I was on my way. PROBLEM SOLVED! There was no ABS pump failure and needed cost of over $5000 for the BMW Service Department! Most likely there was no need to spend and waste the $600 for the steering sensor either.

I purchased the new ABS Module for $404 and the flash/code was $85. I'm very pleased with the outcome and can keep my bimmer! I plan on clocking a lot more miles on it...

Joey and his son Jonathan were prompt, professional, and courteous. I will definitely make the drive for repairs to be made on my BMW in the future.

Mark W.

     It is nice to know that there is still a respectable business out there. Their location is not convenient for me, but worth the drive. They have a great staff and knowledgeable mechanics with fair pricing. I would definitely recommend them to anyone.

Jeff A.

     BEST & most cost efficient place to get maintenance done for your BMW. Joey is great and knows how to do anything, and Jonathan always keeps in touch, let's you know exactly what needs to be done, and how much it will cost. Great people, great communication and, best of all, great local business!!

​Brittney R.

​     I have used Bimmer Motor Works for shock replacement in the past and I want to compliment them on a job well done with a problem that I frankly was about to give up on.

I had a strange problem and I turned to B.M.W. for help. My gauge cluster just died one day and all the tricks and ideas I could find on the Internet did not work. I tried everything and I called many people for advise. I had a strange but serious electrical problem. The wonderful folks at B.M.W. found it and fixed it and I am so happy with their work. It turned out to be an airbag controller module that was a tough thing to diagnose. I knew they could figure it out and I am so glad they did. I know it took some time to figure it out, but they did. Something just told me to take my car there and I am so glad that I did.

They did a wonderful job and I am back driving my awesome car again. Thanks guys! You did a great job and I will be back. I recommend anyone with a BMW give them a try, they know what they are doing! Please call or go by, it will be worth it. Thank you for a job well done!

Robert B.